Monday, November 08, 2010

Last week Fred an I decided to head down to San Diego to take an advanced Bikram yoga class. It was a nice break from the usual routine and a good challenge. We came back on Saturday feeling refocused and energized- which is very just what we needed because this is a crazy busy stretch of time coming up.

The sunset picture with the hummingbird flying was taken a day or so before we left. A fallish/wintery blue sunset.

The drive down was beautiful. Especially driving on the 154 going through the mountains around Santa Barbara. There were dramatic wintery clouds that just covered the tips of the mountains. I just love living here.

Fred and I have been practicing Bikram yoga for almost a year now. It's been a big deal to us. We try in every part of our lives to be healthy. We grow lots of our own veggies, enjoy cooking together, try to strive for balance in our overall lives and Bikram yoga fit perfectly into that. My back and neck issues are almost nonexistent anymore and I just generally feel better and more relaxed.

The advance seminar took place in San Diego during an ongoing 9 week teacher training session . A large tent was set up with heaters powered by huge generators. We did a 90 beginners class (26 postures) in the morning followed by a 3 hour introduction to the advanced series (84 postures). There were The classes were challenging. San Diego was hot, hot, hot! One day it was 100 degrees out and in the Bikram tent it was sweltering. I left when it got too hot...there is a point where heat is very helpful in going yoga and then there is a point where it's just working against you and there is not point (to me) in continuing.

There were around 400 people there representing 142 different counties. It was a very cool experience collectively doing yoga in a group like that. Attitudes were positive and people worked with each other. After class each day Fred and I jumped in a salt water pool on the property, then headed out to eat a healthy meal and put in some hours of work at a great local cafe, then back to the hotel room, watch a little 30Rock and chat/glass of wine. Then early to bed and back to yoga at 8:30am.

I had never seen Bikram in person before. He's a character and a half to be sure. It occurred to me after listening to him talk that the guy speaks in metaphors and just presents them as facts...or maybe he believes everything he says? I don't know, but it reminded me of this Star Trek episode called "Darmak" where there is this culture that uses stories to communicate a meaning or gist.

We drove back home as the weather was in the middle of a big shift from summer to fall again. It rained that night and so now, it is Monday and I'm ready to charge again. Lots of deadlines coming up.